So you’ve spontaneously decided to treat the entire family to a weekend in a hotel, but you’re having a hard time deciding which hotel is the most suitable? With such a wide and confusing selection to choose from, are you worried you might make the wrong choice?

To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of the top tips for choosing your ideal hotel.

7 Tips for Choosing the Hotel for Your Perfect Vacation

  1. Visit the gallery on the hotel’s website and watch the videos (if there are any). Don’t forget to study the pictures too. A picture is worth a thousand words, and therefore browsing the gallery will provide good insight into the quality of the hotel and rooms.
  2. Opt for a hotel that provides spa treatments and massages. The fun in every vacation lies in relaxing, loosening up and releasing tension, and there’s no better way than a massage to reconnect with the deepest parts of your soul.
  3. A vacation in a hotel is a sure to make you gain few extra pounds. In order to prevent your favorite pants from being too tight when you get home from your vacation, it’s best to find a hotel that offers a fitness and sports club, an accessorized workout gym, and other sports-related facilities to burn the calories and maintain your figure.
  4. It’s important to make sure that the hotel offers basic services, such as free WiFi throughout the hotel, accessorized rooms with coffee/tea, and laundry services. It is said that God is in the details, which means that these little extras can make the entire difference between a mediocre vacation and a fantastic one.
  5. Choose your hotel according to strategic location – make sure that it is only few minutes’ walk from the town center, beach, entertainment areas, etc. This is a great way to guarantee that attractions and activities can be easily incorporated into your vacation.
  6. Don’t compromise on the swimming pool. Respectable hotels operate a spacious pool with a dedicated area for small children, comfortable sitting areas, sunbathing areas, bar or food kiosk, and other comforts.
  7. If you like to go out in the evenings, make sure that the hotel has a bar or club in the lobby or that there is one nearby. There’s nothing like ending the day in a pub with great music and good drinks. When that option is available to you – take advantage of it!

Taking a vacation in Nahariya? Here are few interesting facts about the city you’ll be staying in, to help you prepare your trip.

  1. Modern Nahariya was established in the 1930’s, but archaeological sites in the area have revealed that the region was already inhabited as early as the Bronze Age.
  2. Nahariya was built on the property of a Lebanese family, which was purchased in 1934 by Yosef Levi, a Jewish engineer who later became one of the most prominent land owners in Israel during that period. Yosef Levi partnered with a few other Jews with the intention of founding Nahariya, and in the same year the government provided the authorization necessary to acknowledge the settlement and its foundation. The company “Nahariya-Meshakim Ze’irim Ltd.” was established to raise funds and acquire additional land in the area to allow for the expansion of the city.
  3. The municipality was named “Nahariya” due to the presence of the Ga’aton River which flows through the center of the town (Nahar means “river” in Hebrew). The name was also inspired by the adjacent Arab village of Al-Nahar.
  4. The city’s first settlers were German Jews who came to Israel during the 5th
  5. Nahariya was based on an agricultural model designed by one of the land owners, the agronomist Dr. Selig Eugen, but due to lack of income, the citizens soon began renting rooms and running boarding houses. Thus the city became a resort offering guest rooms, beaches and restaurants.
  6. For the first few years following its foundation in 1934, Nahariya was the only Jewish settlement in Western Galilee prior to the establishment of Matzuva, Shavei Tzion, Eilon and Hanita.
  7. According to the Municipalities Law of 1934, Nahariya was declared a city in 1961 by Haim Moshe Shapira, the Minister of Interior at the time.
  8. Currently, Nahariya has over 53,000 inhabitants.
  9. Today, Nahariya is considered the capital of the Western Galilee due to its centrality and importance to the entire region.
  10. Nahariya is also a city that is devoted to sports. It has a basketball team, three soccer teams, two swimming associations and a free flight model club.
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